Latest data from the NCAS Capel Dewi Atmospheric Observatory

This page provides access to plots of the latest 24 hours' worth of data from instruments operated at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) Capel Dewi Atmospheric Observatory (CDAO).

Note that this page might cease to exist beyond early 2023. Use the main NERC MSTRF website instead.

The plots were last updated at 2023-12-09 12:31 Local Time.

Note that the colour scheme used for the MST Radar and LD40 data plots was changed on 6th November 2022. This is to allow a colour-blind-friendly colour scheme to be trialled.

46.5 MHz MST Radar, ST mode (approximate altitude range 2 - 20 km)

46.5 MHz MST Radar, M mode (approximate altitude range 57 - 93 km)

1064 nm Lufft CHM15k laser ceilometer (approximate altitude range 0 - 4 km)

855 nm Vaisala LD40 laser ceilometer (approximate altitude range 0 - 13 km)

1290 MHz Radar Wind Profiler, low mode (approximate altitude range 0 - 3 km)

1290 MHz Radar Wind Profiler, high mode (approximate altitude range 0 - 7 km)